The spring has been busy. For those of you who supported Heartwood Forge throughout the holidays even though we were back ordered since way before Thanksgiving, I am forever grateful. Spring is finally here and this time last year I was just about clearing up the holiday order list. This time around I'm about halfway through. It's amazing to have so much support and I appreciate everyone's patience.  Most of my customers know that I was slated to get married and hit the rough for a honeymoon in Hawaii. This is all over now and has been on the front of my mind as I ease back into making knives. It was amazing and memories were made that will last forever.

I am grateful to have had the help of Jenny Lee over at Jubilee Flower Farm, who forages and biodynamically cultivates her own unique bouquets. It's really hard to not get screwed when you mention the word "wedding" but Jenny Lee of Havana, FL is down to earth, reasonable and accommodating. She also offers a flower CSA; what a sensible idea for anyone who enjoys the beauty and joy of fresh flowers but doesn't have the time, space or know-how to grow their own!

Our camellias were extremely busy producing more blooms than we new what to do with. Every year when these do their thing, I am thankful that the family that lived here before us planted what they did here. 

Upon our return we found quite a bit of ready to eat kale in the garden and the flowers we're growing survived with a healthy start.

While waiting to harvest our onions the beauty they bring after flowering is amazing. Great for cut arrangements or as an added bonus in the garden are these friendly and erect little white tufts.