It's been a while now but I haven't forgotten the crazy day that a super talented and skilled crew visited the shop on their way around the south east. Ever heard of Tastemade? I certainly had but The Grill Iron was all new to me. This entertaining cooking contest aimed at tailgaters puts a whole new spin on gameday eating. I'm not a huge football person but having grown up in Tallahassee and spent the past 5 years in and around Athens, I have certainly grown to appreciate the culture surrounding football and celebrating it with local fresh food gets me way more excited than any touchdown ever will.

 I started off with creating a chefs knife for their winning chef and once they found out they'd be in the area, they decided to see how a knife is made. They were gracious enough to accept my best effort of squeezing it all into a day in the shop - and from there they edited down even further. That all being said, it's a super concise visual story of the creation of a knife and I was just happy to be a part of the process. They certainly did great work and the team was tighknit, efficient and they all had their specialties. You can see the Grill Iron episode below that features Heartwood Forge.

Low and behold, they came back with this, a few months later:

Heartwood Forge from James Mann on Vimeo.