For anyone who has lived near a body of water, you know the magic feeling of serenity and peace that come from them and the depth they add to any change of season. In the summer, it offers a cooling break. During a drought, it serves as a barometer of just how dry it is and serves as a supplement of life to a thirsty garden. In the winter, you get double the cold when it ices over and during storms, you get to watch the wind. It brings added color to life, but also an added responsibility and demand for respect. 

As part of living and working on a small rural homestead, our next project is to make the small pond more healthy, attractive and productive.  It had been neglected for a few years before we moved to the area and we're starting to work it out of the forgotten state and create a fishery that is also inviting for summer swims. The initial cleaning crew, six grass carp, just arrived recently and Lee, the dogs and I welcomed them to the neighborhood with a small parade across the dam.