Basic guidelines to get the most from your knife:

  • No dishwasher. The extreme environment, detergent & potential for movement may cause damage to the blade & handle.
  • Wash & dry by hand. Scrub gently using warm water, rinse and dry.  Keeping your blade dry is important.
  • Understanding acids.  While cutting acidic foods, wipe your blade. Acids corrode metal and may dull your blade’s edge.
  • Hone regularly.  Develop the habit of making a few passes with a ceramic honing rod before each use of your knife.  
  • Sharpen as needed. We recommend professional sharpening and provide free maintenance when your knife is delivered to us.
  • Use wooden cutting boards. Cutting atop hard surfaces will dull your blade quickly and promote slippage. 
  • Store your knife out of harm’s way. Never place loosely or unprotected in a drawer. We recommend magnetic or wooden block storage.