How do I care for my knife?

Please see our care guide here.

How long will my knife last?

Each knife comes complete with a Lifetime Promise of Excellence. When cared for, your knife will be an heirloom for future generations.

Why is the wait so long?

Each piece is forged by hand and often with custom specifications. The estimated time of creating a knife from beginning to end is approximately 30-40 hours.

How do I care for my handle? 

Use super fine (0000) steel wool, gently rub handle until oxidation is removed from hardware and handle feels smooth. Apply a small amount of paste wax (we use Renaissance Wax available here).

Is the tarnishing on my blade normal?  

Yes. This is the patina beginning to develop and is totally normal. When processing naturally oily foods (nuts, for example), you can evenly distribute the oil over the blade to help protect the blade, these natural oils are a great way give your blade a little extra protection. For complete care instructions, click here.

How do you balance knives when you make them?

Generally, balance is achieved utilizing a few key techniques including grinding voids in the tang and tapering the tang. While priority is given to steel composition & blade geometry, the joy a knife brings to a chef is found in balance.

How do I sharpen my knife?

We recommend touching up your edge on a 6000+ grit stone. Go back to 1000 grit for majorly neglected edges and to 400 grit for damaged blades.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes. We have some posted in the shop but if you don’t see the amount you’d like, we can customize a certificate for any amount. Email us and include the amount you’d like, preferred payment method & shipping address for the recipient. Here's a good one.

Do you ship internationally?

Sure do.